Lahore International Islamic Colloquium

M. A. Draz was representing Al-Azhar at the International Islamic Colloquium which took place from December 29th, 1957 to January 8th, 1958 at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan.

M. A. Draz arrived with the Egyptian delegation a few days earlier and sent a letter to his family in Egypt on December 27th, telling them about his trip. On Dec 29th, he gave the speech in the opening ceremony of the Colloquium; he was said to be very active and involved in all the colloquium’s events and activities.

At 9:30pm on January 5th, 1958, M. A. Draz died of a heart attack after attending the official dinner banquet of the Chairman of the University of the Punjab and making his daily diary entry.

Unfortunate Passing

M. A. Draz passed away before presenting his paper “Islam’s Approach to and Relationship With Other Religions” ( موقف الاسلام من الأديان الأخرى وعلاقته بها)

On January 8th, 1958, his body was flown from Karachi, Pakistan to Cairo, Egypt, where his funeral started from Al-Azhar the following day. His death was a shock to his family and colleagues since he had not been suffering from any heart diseases.


M. A. Draz’s Undelivered Paper. Available to read below.

Translated by Nariman Mahmoud, reviewed and edited by Hana Elmessiry.

Islam’s Approach to and Relationship with Other Religions

"If we scrutinize the word "Islam" in its Qur'anic sense, it leaves no room for uncertainty regarding the relationship between Islam and other heavenly religions. Islam, in this context, does not denote a particular religion; rather, it serves as a unifying term that harmonizes all religions proclaimed by the prophets and embraced by their respective followers. This is exemplified when we observe Noah addressing his people, saying, “And I have been commanded to be of the Muslims [who have surrendered unto Him]” (10:72). It is also evident when Jacob advises his sons: “So do not die except while you are Muslims [who have surrendered unto Him]’” (2:132), and when Jacob's sons affirm their belief: “We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac - one God. And we are Muslims [in submission] to Him” (2:133). Moses, too, stresses the importance of faith and devotion: “And Moses said, ‘O my people, if you have believed in Allah, then rely upon Him, if you should be Muslims [in submission to Him]’” (10:84). Similarly, the disciples declare, “We are supporters for Allah. We have believed in Allah and testify that we are Muslims [submitting to Him]” (3:52), and a group of those who were given the Scripture, upon hearing the Qur’an recited, affirm, “We have believed in it; indeed, it is the truth from our Lord. Indeed we were, [even] before it, Muslims [submitting to Allah]” (28:53)...."