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In this book the distinguished Islamic scholar M. A. Draz, one of the Muslim world’s most erudite authorities of this century, sets out the fundamental principles of the Qur’an and its much misunderstood and misquoted teachings on gender and women, polygamy, war, faith, Judaism, Christianity and the many other issues on which the Qur’an pronounces.

A valuable work for gaining a better understanding of the Qur’an. Demonstrates how the Qur’an stands out as a divine work, surpassing all products of the human mind. This book is unique in its approach to the Qur'an. It argues the point that only God could author such a book, and that Muhammad could have never produced anything like it. While this objective has been attempted by several Muslim scholars who highlighted one aspect or another of the topics highlighted in the Qur'an, M. A. Draz's works is perhaps the first that relies totally on the merits of the Qur'anic text for an irrefutable proof.

M. A. Draz discusses the arguments made at the time of the Prophet and later on which suggested that the Qur'an was taught to Muhammad by various teachers, and shows how they all collapse at the first test. When he has irrefutably established the fact that the Qur'an could only be a divine revelation, M. A. Draz goes on to analyze the Qur'anic style, showing how it combines merits that could never be found together in any human writing. ​Equipped with a profound literary sense and a powerful Arabic style, M. A. Draz discusses the main characteristics of the Qur'anic style, as well as the unity of theme that runs through each chapter , or surah.

The work is now presented to English readers as it gives students of the Qur'an valuable insight, enabling them to understand the Qur'an better.

Meta Data

  • Book Name: AlNaba AlAzeem (224 pages)
  • Languages: English, Arabic, French
  • Publisher: I.B.Tauris
  • Author Date: 1948

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