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Dr. Muhammad Abdallah Draz, one of the eminent scholars of Islam, was a professor at Al-Azhar for several years before he travelled to France to obtain his doctorate. He wrote it in French under the title of “INITIATION AU KORAN” as well as the principal thesis “LA MORALE DU KORAN”, with competence and efficiency.

This book represents one of the two theses, presented on December 15th, 1947 at “Université de Paris”, owing to them, the Author has merited the grade of “Docteur ès-Lettres” with mention “Très-Honorable”. The customary and most respectful salutation on the Prophet, “Peace and blessings of God be upon him” which is made after each mention of his name within this work has been omitted for ease of reading; however the reader is kindly requested to observe this Muslim tradition.

The high merit deserved of this book, beyond its highly refined literary style of the French original, principally resides in its methodology in expanding different themes, in managing arguments and evidence, and in analyzing proofs and documents, in a manner so clear and so decisive, able to convince any impartial seeker of truth and virtue.

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  • Book Name: Initiation au Koran 200 Pages
  • Languages: French, Arabic
  • Publisher: I.B. Tauris
  • Author Date: 1951
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