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This book is printed in its entirety for the first time, and it is one of the best books in its section, as it absorbed the talk about the Sunnah and heresy, until it was said about it: It is sufficient for others and no one else is sufficient for it. The book contains knowledge, goodness, an accurate presentation, and a new treatment of the distinction between the Sunnah and heresy in the balance of Islam.

In it, the sheikh - may God have mercy on him - arrives with the calmness of the scholar to determine the origin of heresy and the origin of innovation in religion, and this is due to four principles: The first principle (the arbitration of reason in religion and the adoption of reprehensible opinion). The second principle (following the passion that misleads its owner from the path of God). The third origin (ignorance of language conjugations and methods). The fourth principle (ignorance of the rules and purposes of Sharia). All this with the knowledge of the world and the mind of the wise.

And the sheikh - may God have mercy on him - establishes the principles, establishes the foundations, mentions the branches in explanation and application, raises questions to arouse attention, criticizes the suspicion without defamation, and decides the truth with the evidence after the evidence until he completes a comprehensive picture that leads to the fulfillment of the required meaning and the realization of issues with a scientific investigation that we rarely find in another book.

The more the reader of this book reads, the more he reads it, except that he becomes more certain of the greatness of Islam, the majesty of the Prophet’s Sunnah, and the incoherence of opposing heresies, as well as the wide horizon of the author, and the abundance of his knowledge in language, the principles of jurisprudence, and its branches.

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  • Book Name: AlMizan bayn AlSunnah wal Bedaa (The Balance Between Sunnah and Heresy) 176 Pages
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Publisher: Dar ElKalm Kuwait دار القلم
  • Author Date: 1948
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